We will be doing a drop off and pick up line. So please remain in your car at all times. When you get to the top parking lot go to the left, the line will be around the perimeter of the parking lot. Drop off will be in front of West Nyack Little League.

Morning Drop Off

Morning drop off will start around 8:50am. Ken Ulrich will greet and meet you at your car in the parking lot. Please hand me while in your vehicle your covid 19 consent form filled out, signed and dated. Also please hand me the campers updated immunization records if you have not already done so..

Afternoon Pick Up

For the afternoon pick up please follow the same procedures as the morning, Remain in your car and the campers will walk to you.

Campers Items Needed

All campers should bring their own gear bat, glove, helmet etc. Campers will not be allowed to share equipment.

All campers must bring a water bottle with their name on it.

All campers need to bring their own hand sanitizer with their name on it. ( I will have extra hand
sanitizers around camp also)

Campers should bring a drink and lunch every day except on Thursday, I will provide Pizza for the campers. They just need to bring a drink for lunch that day.


If camp has to be cancelled due to weather it will be posted on the Facebook page “Ken Ulrich Baseball & Softball Camp/Lessons” in the morning around 8 am. If needed, Friday is our make up day.

During the day if we have to cancel due to weather, I will call you to pick up. You can also give me a call. Sometimes it may be raining in other parts of the county but not at camp.


Parents if you have any questions please Call 845-642-5966
Example: A camper has to be picked up early, etc