In addition to week-long camps, Ken Ulrich and his professional staff are available for private lessons in all parts of the game. With the help of a staff member, each player will be able to develop their own lesson plan, based on what element of the game they would like to improve on the most. From one-on-one, to small groups of two, three, or four, to entire team practices, the following aspects of baseball will be taught.


  • Proper swing mechanics – grip, head and hand positions, balance, rhythm, weight shift, stride separation, plate coverage.
  • Bat control – hitting ball where pitched, to all fields.
  • Situational hitting – moving runners, scoring runners, hit and run, bunting.
  • Mental approach – what to think about before, during, and after at bats.
  • Strike zone discipline – being patient, hitting your pitch, not the pitcher’s pitch.
  • Drills – tee work, soft toss, dry swings, front toss.


  • Infielders – proper fielding techniques on ground balls, turning the double play (feeds and pivots), throwing mechanics depending on type of play (slow roller, routine groundball, deep in the holes, relay throw, etc.) positioning (reading types of swings- dead pull or slap, double plays, infield in.
  • Outfielders – proper techniques on fly balls and ground balls, routes to balls, throwing mechanics, communication.
  • Catching – Stances, framing, blocking, footwork, throwing out basestealers, fielding bunts and pop-ups, game calling.


  • Proper throwing mechanics– Power position, balance points, Drop step, pivots.
  • Pitch control– Arm angle, release points.
  • Situational pitching – Pitching from the stretch, pick off moves.
  • Mental game – Taking signs, knowing opposition.
  • Defense – Fielding your position, bunts, double play feeds.

Team Practices

We will organize and run your practice, showing you how to maximize your practice time and your team’s abilities.

  • Organization – batting practice, infield/outfield practice- keeping everyone busy.
  • Drills – as per position.
  • Team defense – cutoffs and relays, bunt plays, communication, rundowns.